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Lisa Copeland is a polished, confident presenter who really knows her material – and shares it with passion and purpose.
Lisa’s presentations are well organized, visuals are professional and compelling, and she delivers ‘live’ or virtually equally well. I’d highly recommend Lisa to any business or organization.

Carla Cross and Company

A dynamic global speaker renowned for captivating audiences worldwide, brings unparalleled expertise to the stage with engaging keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and transformative team training sessions. With diverse global experience spanning the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia, Lisa offers a wealth of firsthand knowledge to her coaching. Having held multiple roles within dental teams throughout her career, Lisa’s coaching efficacy is amplified, enabling her to directly relate to her clients’ challenges and triumphs. Passionate about promoting optimized communication strategies, Lisa guides dental teams towards heightened profitability and enhanced performance. Drawing from clinical experience and corporate insights, Lisa inspires, educates, and empowers audiences to achieve their fullest potential, leaving a lasting impact on every attendee.

Lisa is a high impact speaker that anticipates and embraces her audiences’ needs. Participants not only leave informed, but empowered to take action. Her presentation development considers various learning and generational styles. She is a fun-loving speaker with a very likable and confident manner.

Noel Paschke, Dental Consultant
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