Elevate your dental practice and foster strong relationships with team members and patients.

Interactive Communication Presentations: Virtual & Live

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Every Conversation Has Consequences

Effective communication in dentistry yields positive results. Prioritizing clear and empathetic communication with patients and team members reduces stress and fosters practice loyalty. Creating exceptional experiences for patients and team members cultivates a thriving employment brand and a positive organizational culture.

The Referral Revolution

Is your association or study club continually pivoting for the future? Memberships are dwindling. Running today’s calendar of events, similar to yesterday, limits potential growth. With customized coaching, you will learn how to deliver valuable information, targeting the four generation’s specific ideals, to build trust that results in a consistent, predictable membership that thrives.

Generational Geopardy

Are your patients and team members’ experiences aligning with generational expectations? Bridging generational gaps is vital for dental practices to minimize turnover and maintain competitiveness. Discover how to recognize generational cues and enhance your practice culture to meet the coaching, mentorship, and upskilling expectations of all generations.

Optimizing Team Meetings

Enhance team meetings for superior collaboration and productivity. Explore engagement methods, goal setting, agenda preparation, and effective follow-up steps. Acquire valuable tools and strategies, along with technology insights, to transform your meetings into a driving force for practice success.

Iron Out Your Communications

Harness the power of words in dentistry. Embrace the iRONMAN Principles to elevate your practice into an elite organization delivering exceptional care. Lisa’s interactive approach is your path to building trust, loyalty, and referrals while disrupting communication norms, propelling practices to the iRONMAN level.

Sponsorship Strategy of Partnerships

Join the event sponsorship revolution and discover the keys to achieving mutually beneficial goals. Benefit from Lisa’s three decades of expertise in corporate sales, marketing, clinical research, and keynote speaking. Ideal for speakers, sponsors, and meeting planners seeking to cultivate successful sponsorship relationships and surpass expectations.

Public Speaking Presentation Coaching

If you have something incredible to share but are unsure where to begin, elevate your presentation skills through personalized 1:1 coaching from a seasoned professional.

Craft a compelling message and lead your audience on an unforgettable journey.

1:1 Interview Coaching

Unlock the secrets to acing your dental professional interview with our specialized coaching program!

Our comprehensive guide will empower you with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the interview process and land that dream job in dentistry.