Iron-Out Your Communications

Interactive Presentations: Virtual & Live 


COVID-19 Impact on Gen Z (age 4-early 20’s)

Discover Gen Z’s language by taking a deep dive into the impacts of COVID-19.

Lisa will introduce you to the best communication and technological approach to attract Gen Z patients and employees. Be the practice that embraces Gen Z now, to guarantee future business growth!

Dental Crisis Communications Virtual Series 

Acute disruption often leads to creative solutions. As we navigate through this turbulent time in dentistry, we need to stay connected with our teams and patients to promote unity.

  • Part I – Virtual Communication with Your Team and Patients
  • Part II – Strategies for Practice Health
  • Part III – Practice Recovery

Maximizing Virtual and Live Team Meetings

Staying connected and confronting the business of dentistry with our teams is essential. Meetings should follow a specific, timed agenda and each team member should participate. Utilizing engaging strategies such as: polling, breakout rooms, surveys, interactive handouts, and Q&A, will motivate and involve all.

Every Conversation Has a Consequence 

Miscommunication is costly.  Master consistent, predictable communication that ultimately ensures every client and team member’s experience is exceptional. 

Solutions to Generational Friction  

How we communicate cross-generationally impacts our bottom line.  Diagnose and resolve Generational Friction Factors to convert obstacles into opportunities with your team and patients.

7 Tips To Better Team Performance

Seven iRONMAN productivity-boosting tips to break the patterns of expectation to make your business truly remarkable and memorable.

 Discover Your Team’s Super Powers

Take a deep dive into the drivers of generational communication and learn how to turn damaging dialogue into positive parlance.

Sponsorship for Speakers, Meeting Planners, and Vendors

Learn the secrets of sponsorship and how to convert “budget restrictions” into sponsorship solutions.

See Lisa in Action – iRONMAN Principles of Communication


See Lisa in Action – Generational Friction Factors