• The Power of Social Media Reviews for Practice Growth
    Online reviews influence the way patients think about your practice. Your reputation is shaped by what patients are saying in online reviews. Patients look at online reviews to vet how and where they find healthcare.
  • Communicating Confidence with Team Members and Patients
    Every dental team member deserves a fulfilling career in a highly functional dental practice, customized generational appreciation, and strategically developed intra-team and intra-department communications. These are necessary to make their career easy and enjoyable every day.
  • Principles of Building Team Wellness and Patient Relationships
    Relationships are the bridges that lead us to success and build trust and loyalty. We must have high-quality communication first, followed by our technical excellence for patients to understand their needs.
  • Resolve to Evolve by Embracing Generational Differences
    We Are All Immigrants To The Other Generations! The more generations on your team, the more the Generational Friction Factor becomes a reality.
  • Are You Asking Intentional Questions?
    Asking intentional questions takes preparation and planning. The good news is we become more skilled at it as we practice. An intentional question should be thought evoking and create a pause that generates curiosity.
  • 16 Ways to Retain Dental Team Members
    The time is now to pivot to what employees genuinely want in this employee-driven workforce. 
  • Evolution for Survival: A Dental Team Guide  
    Practice Investing in Your Team, and Your Team Will invest in the Practice!
  • Is it Possible to Change Habits While Under Stress?
    What does it take to initiate behavior change, particularly when under stress? Intentional, collaborative system development that influences the success of a dental practices.