Iron-Out Your Communications:
7 Simple Steps to a Successful Dental Team and Loyal Patients

Every dental team member deserves a fulfilling career in a highly functional dental practice, customized generational appreciation, and strategically developed intra-team and intra-department communications. These are necessary to make their career easy and enjoyable every day. By communicating confidence with your team, your patient relationships become effortless to develop and nurture.

Having a collaborative working relationship with all members of your dental team brings joy to the work we all do and excitement about serving our patients in clinical practice. Intentional communication facilitates your team in developing regular, targeted, and personalized communication strategies to get and keep everyone engaged. It makes going to work joyful, not dreadful.

I hope this unique book inspires you to implement my simple, proven communication system with your colleagues and patients to experience a fulfilling, successful, and productive career.

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