About Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland

I hail from a quaint coal mining town just outside Scranton, PA, where much of my childhood was spent alongside my father, lending a hand on various projects. At the tender age of 12, amidst one of the most sweltering summers in memory, we embarked on the ambitious task of constructing a deck together. I can still hear his voice echoing, “Lisa, fetch the 1/8” wedge from the shed to space these deck boards evenly,” or “Pass me that special screwdriver; we need to counter-sink these nails for safety.” Every project he undertook was a masterpiece of precision. It took me years to realize that his secret lay in customizing every tool to perfection, ensuring success with every endeavor.

Little did I know, as I toiled alongside him, that my father was laying the groundwork for my future career as a dental consultant and speaker. A seasoned professional in the realm of public speaking and training, he unknowingly imparted to me invaluable skills in customization that I carry with me to this day, applying them across all facets of my life, particularly in the realm of communication.

As our professional landscapes continually shift and evolve, encountering diverse cultural values and generational dynamics, effective communication stands as the bedrock of harmony. It’s within this realm that generational awareness training comes to the forefront, aimed at recognizing and leveraging the strengths and differences among individuals to bridge generational divides.

My journey began with a degree in Dental Hygiene from Broome Community College, NY, catapulting me into a specialized practices focusing on periodontology and dental implant prosthetics. Concurrently, I embarked on a parallel path as a professional speaking consultant for an esteemed international dental implant company. My fervor for dentistry and education has remained unwavering throughout my clinical endeavors.

Combining a career trajectory of corporate speaking with hands-on clinical practice has imbued me with a deep-seated passion for fostering workplace harmony through tailored communication strategies. Each day, I endeavor to weave together the threads of my experiences, guided by the character instilled in me by my father – that customization is the key to excellence in communication and beyond.

Iron-Out Your Communications

The lifeline of our dental practices is communication.

Every dental team member deserves a fulfilling career in a highly functional dental practice, customized generational appreciation, and strategically developed intra-team and intra-department communications. These are necessary to make their career easy and enjoyable every day.

By communicating confidence with your team, your patient relationships become effortless to
develop and nurture. In my training and consulting work, I help dental professionals like you, iron-out your communications by understanding and implementing the 7 simple steps of iRONMAN business communication. This strategic approach enables you to experience a
rewarding, successful career within your dental practice.

My clinical and professional speaking experience spans decades, continents, and clients. My promise to you, no matter your dental practice role, is to ensure you learn from my professional and personal experiences in both the US and SE Asia as an office manager,
dental assistant, dental hygienist, and dental practice consultant.

My unique stories as a competitive athlete serve as fuel for my concepts and messages. My
IRONMAN® training taught me how to be successful in dental communication and was the foundation for the communication process that I share. iRONMAN communication is a simple,
strategic pathway helping dental practices implement small changes with big impacts, leading to increased profit, performance, and productivity.

Having a collaborative working relationship with all members of your dental team brings joy
to the work we all do and excitement about serving our patients in clinical practice.
iRONMAN communication facilitates your team in developing regular, targeted, and
personalized communication strategies to get and keep everyone engaged. It makes going to
work joyful, not dreadful.

I look forward to working with you.