As a consultant, Lisa works with dental practices that want to go from communication chaos to profit, performance, and productivity


I grew up in a small coal mining town outside of Scranton, PA.  I spent a huge portion of my childhood “assisting” my dad with various projects.   We built a deck together when I was 12 years old during one of the most humid summers I can recall.  My dad would say, “Lisa, run to the shed and grab the 1/8” wedge so we can space these deck boards evenly” or “hand me that special screwdriver so we can counter-sink these nails so people won’t catch their feet on them”. Everything he built was a work of perfection.  It took me a long time to realize one of the reasons he was so good at what he did was because he customized every tool he used to achieve success.

Did my father know he was preparing me for my career as a dental consultant and speaker?   He was a professional speaker and trainer himself.   I have carried the customization skills I learned from my father with me for a lifetime. I have learned to apply them to all aspects of my world, particularly when it comes to communication skills.

Today, as the workplace environment continually evolves we all encounter varying cultural values and generational diversification.  Communication has become the cornerstone of harmony.  Generational awareness training is designed to identify people’s strengths and differences so communication skills can be developed to overcome generational friction.

I completed my degree in Dental Hygiene from Broome Community College NY.  I immediately went into a practice specializing in dental implants and became a professional speaking consultant for an international dental implant company.  My clinical passion for implant dentistry and education continues today.

A career path of corporate professional speaking intertwined with clinical practice has enriched my quest to bring harmony to the workforce through customized communication.