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Your Event Success Starts With Lisa

Lisa is more than a speaker; she’s a catalyst for positive change in dental team communication. Elevate your event with Lisa’s expertise that goes beyond the ordinary—where dental team communication becomes a transformative experience. In the world of dental team communication, Lisa stands as an exemplar—a multifaceted professional whose journey from clinical expertise to global speaking has left an indelible mark on the dental industry she so passionately serves.

Why Hire Lisa to Speak at Your Event?

Recognized as one of three Registered Dental Hygienists world wide to receive the CSP Award from the National Speakers Association. Lisa’s speaking prowess is exceptional. Fewer than 12% of global speakers obtain this designation, showcasing her expertise and credibility.

Lisa’s global experience, from the United States to Southeast Asia and Europe, enriches her speaking with a wealth of firsthand knowledge. Her ability to relate to international audiences makes her an ideal choice for events with global attendees.

Lisa’s extensive background spans multiple roles within dental teams, providing her with unparalleled insights into the challenges and triumphs of the industry. Her multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive understanding that resonates with diverse audiences.

Lisa’s commitment to the dental industry is not just professional — it’s personal. Her passion for effective communication is evident in her dedication to guiding dental teams toward heightened profitability and enhanced performance.

Great New Ideas for offices to incorporate. The bottom line is: communication begins with me!

Marney Sais, RDH

What to Expect


Lisa’s interactive style empowers attendees to customize language skills and strategically develop practice communications, ensuring practical takeaways for immediate implementation.


Lisa’s journey, from IRONMAN competition to clinical practice to global speaking, serves as a source of inspiration for your audience. Her stories resonate, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.

Industry Insight

With a career spanning clinical work, marketing, sales, and professional relations, Lisa provides a holistic view of the dental industry. Attendees gain insights into the business of dentistry, simplifying complex concepts for enhanced understanding.

Lisa Copeland Speaker Packet

Lisa Copeland One Sheet

Lisa Copeland Speaking Coach One Sheet

Room Setup and AV

Download Room Setup (PDF)


Raised platform (approximately 8′x8′) if audience exceeds 65 people. If you have the option, Lisa has found it more effective if the platform is as close to the front row as possible, preferably between 5-10 feet.


  • 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Sound output from the computer
  • Secure / Stable Internet Connection


  • 1 high-intensity LCD projector compatible with 1024 X 768 resolution
  •  HDMI / VGA Cable(s) to connect a computer (Dell PC) to LCD projector – USB Type-C connection to Dell PC
  • 1 projection screen set to speaker’s left
Room setup

Lisa Copeland Media Kit

Media Photos

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