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Ignite your audience’s curiosity and engagement. Together, we’ll sculpt a presentation that not only introduces your identity but also articulates your value proposition with clarity. By crafting a narrative tailored to resonate deeply, we’ll empower your audience to enthusiastically embrace your message and eagerly embrace your offerings.

Speaking Coach

Unlock the potential of your remarkable ideas with tailored 1:1 coaching from an experienced expert, guiding you to refine your presentation skills.

Engage your audience and take them on a captivating journey with a message that leaves a lasting impression.

Standard, Deluxe, and Premium coaching packages are available.

If you are looking for a professional speaking coach-hire Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP. She will help you design / customize your presentation and find your unique voice.
Her coaching changed my life and will change yours too!

   Joanne Pacheco

Content Design

PowerPoint content design coaching aims to refine presentation aesthetics and enhance visual storytelling techniques for impactful communication.

Through personalized guidance, participants learn to craft compelling slides that captivate audiences and reinforce key messages effectively.

A comprehensive course development, delivery, and revisions to an existing course.

I have already put your handout from WEvolution to good use. It is one of the best presentation organizational tools I have seen. I love it. I used it as we built out the final flow of our workshop and I’m using it to build the 10-minute online videos for a coaching course on the emotional side of retirement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Julie Kellogg

Happy Clients

  • Healthy Smiles for Life, New Patient Consultation – Balanced Faces, Shelly Azevedo
  • Myofunctional Therapy:  It’s Tough to Swallow, Phase 1 – Balanced Faces, Shelly Azevedo
  • Dental Recession: Getting to the Root of the Problem, Referral Presentation – Dr. Erik Brockman, Periodontist

Dental Professional Interview Coaching

A customized approach to preparing for a dental professional interview so you GET THE JOB!

Discover the strategies to excel in your dental professional interview through our specialized coaching program!

Our comprehensive guide equips you with the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to successfully navigate the dental hygiene faculty interview process and secure your dream job.