Chatter Matters: Using Intentional Vocabulary to Increase Engagement


The way we communicate to one and all,

Can make or break a 1:1, a meeting or even a call.

Be thoughtful when selecting certain words and phrases…choosing the ones that can pay,

Or you could end up having an abrupt ending to a conversation… and a very long, bad day.

If we insert the right word in the most effective place…we will set a better tone,

Small verbal changes lead
to communication profit…in person or on the phone.

A profession that uses the word BUYIt may behoove you to switch,

INVEST implies a profit, or a win….and much less of a sales pitch.

SELL is a word that many dislike… when using or hearing it aloud,

A CUSTOMIZED RECOMMENDATION however… leaves the client feeling special and proud.

CUSTOMER terminology is universal… but overused and dated,

CLIENT is one level up from that and very highly rated.

To make the best impression…a title that will ensure comfort, trust and ease,

Refer to everyone as a GUEST… and include an abundance of touch points, thank you and please!

Chatter That Matters

WAITING ROOM vs. a RECEPTION AREA or LOUNGE …either has a more calming implication,

If your schedule is delayed and the guest awaits…treat them like they’re on a vacation.

COLD CALL can be dis-empowering… for any of us to do,

But an OPPORTUNISTIC VISIT will open doors of unexpected wins…and keep your mindset true.

CLOSING, as in “closing the deal”…can imply termination or the end,

OPEN means the beginning…a partnership in the relationship trend.

EARNINGS gives you an accurate number…and practical information,

PROFIT indicates you have a gain…a positive interpretation.

A BILL gets added to the stack on the desk…to get around to it when you can,

An INVOICE has better credibility… and details the payment plan.

SIGNING a contract or APPROVING a document…which has a better feel?

If you selected APPROVING, you’re on the right track…to better guest appeal.

Select from the chart, one or two words…three if you’re feeling quite smart,

Practice replacing the good with the better…a perfect place to start.

Communication strategies can positively impact… your day to day profit and plan,

You’ll see changes in relationships by implementing positive chatter…and quickly become a fan.

Intentional vocabulary starts with awareness…and a willingness to adjust,

Begin by having a communication plan and a system that you trust.

Copyright 2019 Lisa Copeland.  All rights reserved.