First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

iRONMAN Communication Increases Business Productivity

Lisa Copeland RDH, CSP


iRONMAN Communication Tip

Customizing generational communication will increase dental case acceptance.

To learn about dressing to match the patients generational expectations watch this short video created for the Seattle Study Club.


Dental Drills

The “I” in iRONMAN is for Impression.

According to Positive Psychology, people make an immediate and lasting assessment of you in the time it takes to snap your fingers.
Known as the two second rule, a first impression is a lasting impression! In dentistry, great first impressions are important when building relationships and brand loyalty with your patients and team.

Discover Lisa’s Seven iRONMAN communication principles here.


Are You Getting to the Root of Your Problem?

Is your practice experiencing a decline in treatment case acceptance?
More importantly, do you know why?
All too often, it is a breakdown in communication when prescribing a treatment plan or in the hand-off to proceed with the next appointment. Here are three ideas to get you started with improving your practice communication:

Verbiage Matters. Be sure every team member is relaying the exact same message patients

Have a Plan. Give the patient a simple road map of the treatment and the steps involved

Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up. Designate a team member for all follow-up and determine appropriate frequency


Where in the World is Lisa

I recently traveled to PA to visit my family and spend a week with my dad, who is 94 years young!

My niece, a Millennial, my dad, a Traditionalist, and I, a Gen X, teamed up to tackle a scenic jigsaw puzzle.

I also watched him collaborate with two colleagues to build a doll house for a donation.

It made me realize no matter what age you are, working together and using clear, respectful generational communication is the key to getting along!


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What Communication Challenges Do You Have?

What dental communication topics would you like to know more about?
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IRONMAN™ training taught me how to be successful in business communication.
As a competitive athlete, I effectively apply lessons learned to help clients transform business communication into profit, performance, and productivity.

My experiences allow me to share meaningful / memorable stories that positively impact your bottom line. In fact, my iRONMAN Principles of training drive my lessons on the importance of generationally effective communication in business.

If you’d like to learn more about Lisa or book her to speak at your event please email or call / text 206.465.1637

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