Value Trumps Worth

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Are you hiring employees, purchasing office equipment / supplies, or updating technology based on the price rather than the value it will add to you practice?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone.


The younger the employee, the more money matters.  By hiring the “right person”, one that is: a team player, consistently contributes to practice growth, and leads the team with confidence, is worth paying more than the going rate. By appealing to their language of appreciation, you will reduce turnover, increase engagement, and instill loyalty.  Creating a customer centric experience for your team AND your patients is the critical in our competitive dental world.

Office Supplies:

Is the store brand of paper that cost a few dollars less worth the aggravation of the printer jamming several times a day?  Not to mention, the wasted time every incident.  I just fell for this recently, and I regretted it every time I sent to print.  Especially with double sided printing…JAM! Each time you consider making a purchase, or think about switching brands, consult with the team member that is using the product and check in. It might decrease your overhead, but increase inefficiency of tasks.

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You purchased a “WHAT” for the clinical team?  Best to discuss large purchases with the team before investing so you know it will enhance, not inhibit, productivity.  As a team, make a list of questions to address before the purchase: 

· How will the investment positively impact our practice?

· What is the goal we are trying to achieve?

· Will it make our day more efficient / productive?

· Who will be trained to use the item?

· What is the timeline for training?

· Will we have updated training regularly?

· Is there anyone on our team that has expertise already?

Dental Drills

Are you always on the hunt for the best deals and switching products based on price? Many dental offices follow this pattern.  

Loyalty to a brand / company, that may cost a little more, can actually increase your practice production. Companies are looking for loyalty and referrals.  Everything is negotiable and customizable to your suit your      practice wants and needs.

A few carrots that companies dangle are:

· Membership pricing

· Additional product bundle pricing

· Designated sales support

· Consistent relationships / customer service

· Advanced new product privileges

Are You Getting to the Root of Your Problem?

Value trumps worth!  Whether it’s an employee salary, purchasing pens for the office, or investing in new technology, “less” does not equal “more”. 

Where in The World is Lisa?

What a fabulous way to start 2020, presenting two workshops at the Rocky Mountain Dental Conference (RMDC) in Denver, CO this month. You might recognize the famous CO Convention Center Bear in my photo.

I started the three day event by attending two  workshops.  I find it so valuable to attend other speakers sessions so I can pick up new information and refer to it during my presentations.  The courses, speakers, and entire meeting was fantastic.

Connecting with long time friend and rock star speaker, Betsy Reynolds, and NSA friend / colleague, Nora Burns were also highlights of the weekend. Thanks to Nora for jumping in as my room host, professional photographer, networking champion, and so much more!

Shout out to my sponsor for the event, Lighthouse.  A huge thank you for all the sponsors that make the event such a success.

Whether we are the leader of a practice or spreading our message from the podium…it is a team sport!  Teamwork enhances creativity, productivity, and positivity. Let’s all work together to be the best we can.

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