Are You Practicing Digital Compassion?

A unique communication approach is the most effective way to get back on track.

Be proactive and deliver the wanted and needed information, before your patients ask questions, or even worse…speculates.


Connecting with your patient community on several platforms with a variety of messages that emphasize empathy and compassion.

  • Create a short, 1-minute videos on various topics for the patients to watch to increase their trust and comfort levels.
  • Use varying technology to communicate on a more personal level.
  • Create broader email messages that will reach your entire database.  Be sure to personalize the message.
  • Update your website and social media platforms to appeal to your younger team members and patients.


What is the new appointment screening process?

  • Paperless / Digital
  • Phone call / Email / Text

What have you done to make the patient feel safe when they visit your practice?

  • Digital check-in
  • Entrance / Exit flow modifications
  • Decreasing aerosals / Air filtration
  • PPE

What changes have the team implemented to protect themselves as well as the patient?

  • Staggered schedules
  • Office hour adjustments
  • Additional team members
  • Paperless / No contact
  • Plexiglass installation

What should patients expect at their appointment?

  • Great topic for a video!

Are you offering telehealth visits?

Telehealth is not new, however, patients are now ready to embrace the hybrid care model.  Teledentistry is for the short and long term plan. 

Immediate application is to decrease risk and provide patient safety. 

It can also limit the DDS movement between patients which calculates into more uninterrupted, productive appointment time. For example, no hygiene exams.

Expand your digital footprint by practicing digital compassion.

You will create unique avenues of communication with your patients that enhance relationships and generate practice growth.

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