How to Focus on Emotional Safety

Creating space that allows for courageous conversations is the fundamental element for emotional safety and enforces a unified work environment where innovation thrives.

  • Has your operatory comfort zone shifted from a safe haven to an uncomfortable hazard zone?
  • Do you feel secure enough to share thoughts / ideas freely, without worrying about negative reactions?
  • Are you simply coping to make it through the day?

Dental practices can follow three strategies to create an emotionally safe environment: aviate, navigate, and communicate

Aviation a verb, meaning to fly or operating an aircraft.  Our “aircraft” is our practice, driven by systems, which provide us with a solid foundation to build on. We continually aviate on many levels. Designing customized processes leads to: Predictability, Productivity, Consistency, and Clarity.

Navigation is about cultivating high-courage teams with diverse, problem solving skills. We can’t anticipate every issue that may occur, but everyone can prepare themselves with skills that will help them successfully navigate through an unanticipated situation.

Making Emotional Safety part of everyday culture can be challenging and requires skills to accelerate Communication to SurThrival. It is a fragile ecosystem that requires continual nurturing.

Build a team and patient-centric culture by understanding that each person has a different interpretation of experiences that they compare to their own expectations. Rise to their hopes by learning and practicing empathy, flexibility, and active listening.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The Single Biggest Problem in Communication is the Illusion That It Has Taken Place.”

Are you: Soaring, Coasting, or Diving to implement emotional safety in your practice?

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