Creative Marketing: 2021 Winter Dental Menu

How many of us ordered take-out and / or curb-side delivery in 2020?

We have, and it got me thinking about how the restaurants and service industry adapted to initiate / increase their revenue.

We can adopt the same strategy in our dental practices. 

Now more than ever before we need to let our existing and potential new patients know we are open for business, but there have been significant changes. 

Provide a seasonal menu or 2021 specials for the New Year. By using unique, current, and familiar marketing strategies like this, your practice becomes memorable. I challenge you to think outside the box and create a menu that is meaningful to you and your community.

Living in a tourist / ski town, I used the attractions in town to itemize the menu as an example.


• Detail your office and patient protocols for safety and reassurance
• Videos are very effective in communicating with patients that your office has made changes for team and patient safety

• Is your smile Camera / ZOOM-ready?
• 50% off in-office whitening with a new patient exam and evaluation

• In layman’s terms, list the in-house services your office provides. These are a few my offices have used:
• Whitening, Cosmetic Restorative Solutions, Oral Health Evaluation / Maintenance, Oral / Overall Health Coaching, Replace Missing Teeth, Crowns, Veneers, Various Orthodontics Solutions for straighter teeth…Think simple and creative

• Appeal to the procedures that are driving dentistry: whiter teeth, straighter teeth, fresh breath
• Add this question onto your health history with three blank lines: “What would you like to change about your smile?” The answers above are 1,2, and 3.
• This is your golden opportunity to marry the patients wants with their needs!
• BOOM…production increased!


GREEN – Free Sonicare brush head when maintenance appointments scheduled in advance & attended regularly

BLUE – Take-home whitening touch up included with your maintenance visit

BLACK – Gift certificate to a restaurant, charity, or store of choice upon completion of prescribed treatment

2021 Copyright Lisa Copeland.  All rights reserved.

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