We Got Engaged: Now We Are Deeply Committed!

A phone message from a dental practice I recently coached went like this: “We Got Engaged!”

“Our office communication and dynamics have improved significantly since we started actively listening and openly appreciating each other.”

The team attended a virtual CE course I delivered last month titled, Every Conversation Has Consequences.  A portion of the program focused on team engagement activities to elevate their: communication, respect, and appreciation.

Two of the activities they implemented to improve team commitment are detailed below.


Start by inviting all team members to regularly acknowledge someone or something in the practice that they are grateful for. Team members place the note into the gratitude jar.

Each week or month, share the messages at “all” team meetings to publicly acknowledge the amazing contributions being made by individuals towards your practice success.


Step 1: Partner with one person (1:1)

Step 2: First person asks a question.

Step 3: Second person’s answer begins with the last letter of the First person’s question.

  • Where do you go on vacatioN?
  • Normally, we go to the beach…

This activity enforces a conscious process:  Listen, Think, Pause, before Answering rather than crafting our answers while the question is being asked.

If you are looking for new, fun ideas to engage your team, try these!

You’ll be surprised the impact it will have on your team.

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