Dental Team Rewards and Recognition

 I take this awesome class at my gym regularly called Power Hour

At the end of the workout, the instructor announced she had three gifts for people that regularly work hard, encourage others, and never complain. Much to my surprise I was the first announced!  What a treat to be rewarded unexpectedly!

It got me thinking.  People are always watching.

What would happen if we rewarded people, and expressed our appreciation regularly? We would all work a little harder, encourage people a little more, and build stronger relationships.


What does this look like in a dental practice?
It starts with getting to know your team.
What action or reaction would have the biggest impact on that particular team member.
The best way to get this answer is to ask!

Hint:  Think generationally.

  • Boomer:  Public recognition and an award or a temporary title
  • Gen X:  A “hall pass” to leave an hour early for a family event
  • Gen Y:  Immediate recognition / feedback and a gift card
  • Gen Z:  Donation to a cause they are passionate about


Determine what the best language of appreciation to speak to each team member and practice on a regular basis. You don’t have to break the bank, but be creative with titles and recognition awards.

Add a rewards and recognition section to your ‘Practice News’ each month and include a photo and a quote from the recipient. Take it one step further, if the action included a patient, and include them also! Just be sure to get their permission.

Taking a little detour from the topic. Name your communication with your patients NEWS instead of Newsletter. It is a more progressive / hip marketing term that younger clientele will better relate to.


We all want to feel appreciated and most of us love to be recognized for a job well done.  It motivates us to continue the behavior.  Positivity is contagious.  Pass it on!

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