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Lisa Copeland RDH, CSP


iRONMAN Communication Tip

Focusing on the patients Wants vs. Needs serves the patient rather than selling to them.

How do we balance our approach to create a positive experience for our dental patients that makes it easy for them to say ” YES” to the treatment prescribed?

My latest blog gives you a template for treatment plan delivery that will increase your “YES” rate.


Dental Drills

The “O” in iRONMAN is for Opportuniy

There are several ways you can transform patient treatment plan obstacles into opportunities.

1. Provide uninterrupted attention.  Unique qualities define each generation. Learning, understanding, and respecting each patients’ values is a powerful strategy to build your practice cliental. Applying a specific generational language to each patient will transform treatment plan obstacles into opportunities.

2. Switch things up!  Breaking the patterns of expectation with your patients will grab their attention! Now they are ready to actively listen and participate in decision making and taking action. 

3. Step outside the operatory.  Create a comfortable, private environment to present the patient with their treatment plan options.  The more relaxed a patient is when discussing treatment and finances, the closer you will get to “YES”.


Are You Getting to the Root of Your Problem?

In order to increase your treatment case acceptance, everyone on the team should be participating in a regular “check-up” with their communication skills.  We update many of the office processes and products, and protocols regularly:  emergency medical kits, patient health history, instruments, equipment…you get the idea. An annual team communication refresher should be a part of that process. Here are a few ideas to get you started in leveling-up your team / patient communication strategies.

· The entire team attends a conference workshop targeting communication.  This means Dr. too!

· Carve out time at your annual planning meeting to have a communication specialist present a topic specific to your practice needs.

· Collaborate with your team to asses what conversations are working and which ones are not. Keep reformulating the conversations that are getting positive results.


Where in the World is Lisa

When was the last time you faced a fear?  I seem to be tackling that challenge monthly lately, and I am beginning to like it!

Last month I tried downhill, mountain biking at Deer Valley Ski Resort, UT.  My first  challenge took me down memory lane, to the days of mastering loading onto a ski lift.                           

As I do with most new adventures, I:

· Observed other bikers approach the bike mount chair

· Listened to directives

· Acted by stepping up to the line to mount my bike on the chair lift. 

Success….insert happy dance here!

There I was at the top of the lift, ready to start riding down…yikes! 

My husband is a great mentor for setting me up for success.  He pushes me out of my comfort zone, yet  is always there to offer support, remind me to smile, and join in when I laugh at myself.

Not only did I survive, I really enjoyed learning something new, knowing it was a skill that will contribute to better overall mountain biking.

Lessons learned that we can apply to our dental practice.

1. In order to improve our business, we need to get out of our own way and comfort zone.

2. We all need mentors to enhance our success.

3. Challenge the office process and procedures.  Is the way we have always done it the best way, or should we  upgrade?

4. And lastly, one I have always been able to apply, keep a sense of humor.

Follow my lead and take a new challenge to level-up your team and your practice.

Good luck, I am routing for you!


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IRONMAN™ training taught me how to be successful in business communication.
As a competitive athlete, I effectively apply lessons learned to help clients transform business communication into profit, performance, and productivity.

My experiences allow me to share meaningful / memorable stories that positively impact your bottom line. In fact, my iRONMAN Principles of training drive my lessons on the importance of generationally effective communication in business.

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